My feelings about school

Honestly, I think I never actually hated school. I don’t really hate school that much but I also don’t dislike much. I think I still pretty much like school since I don’t have a sibling, so then I rely on friends and want to meet my friends more often.

My Advantage of School

The advantage I think for school is that we get to learn new things then review, and meet new friends, and once you become friends, you get to chat with them and have fun at school with them. As I already mentioned that I don’t have any siblings, I get bored easily and the only thing I would do is just homework, then just watch YouTube.

My Disadvantage of School

The disadvantage I think for school is that we sometimes get too much homework and wearing uniforms. I mean you don’t need to spend time choosing your clothes in the morning which I believe is a good thing, but then it is honestly uncomfortable and I just want more freedom of wearing whatever school appropriate clothes. I actually think that homework is good, but then the bad thing is that since I have academy also after school when it takes time, I would get less time of my school homework and sleep late which I try to not do. Luckily, I don’t have Social Studies and Science on the same day which makes it much easier for me to study, or else I would have to study for both.

Subjects I enjoy the most

I really enjoy Math, Technology, and Social Studies. I enjoy Math since I really enjoyed Math from my old school and I just find numbers very fun to work with. I enjoy Technology because we have some freedom to play with such as the Logo Design where we were able to create our own logo and a company and create variations of them. Lastly, I enjoy Social Studies since there are things where memorizing is needed which I guess I am pretty good at and I really like learning about maps and different countries and somewhat deeply about them.

Subjects I don’t enjoy much

For these subject, I think I chose the subjects I don’t enjoy much since I am not that good at it or it’s kind of challenging to me. So the subjects I don’t enjoy much is Science and Language Arts. First of all, for Science, I just somehow don’t get the Science logic much which makes it kind of difficult for me to learn but it’s not that I have a very hard time, it’s just that I don’t enjoy that much because of these reasons. Second, I don’t enjoy much of Language Arts since I don’t like reading but then most of the times, it’s reading and summarizing the book we read. This is also not difficult, but it’s just that I don’t enjoy much than other subjects which I enjoy.

Other Subjects

I really like how we have classes we can choose to take from different choices like you can choose to do a subject instead of the other ones. One of the classes I chose was Mixed Choir, whereas it’s said in the subject title, you basically sing. You get to meet some people you weren’t that close to and get opportunities to sing with them (if you are both in the same group as Alto). I am kind of sad because, in 6th grade, only your grade sings in the stage, but in 7th grade and 8th grade, it’s Mixed Choir which means that you sing mixed with the 8th graders also. I also really enjoy how we have different languages we could choose among from Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. I really think this is good since we all get chances to learn a language or at least get better at that language.